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Source: 《前度》720P高清国粤双语MP4下载
Subtitle: Indonesia, English
AKA EX / Chin do / 前度
Release Date: 3 June 2010 (Hong Kong)
Genre: Romance
Stars: Gillian Chung, William Wai-Ting Chan, Michelle Wai
Quality: 720p BluRay
Encoder: IMM@
(Google Translate) Chen had just returned to Hong Kong in the field were flat (William Chan ornaments) and current girlfriend Denise (poetry Ya ornaments), met up at the airport ─ ex-girlfriend Zhou Yi (Gillian Chung ornaments). Zhou Yi and travel writer Ashu (Lawrence Chou ornaments) are preparing to leave for a long journey, but a dispute was referred to the break up. For the trip and the determination to resign, returned the apartment of Zhou Yi, sometimes homeless, but fortunately there are calm her obsession of his girlfriend Denise Chen shelter. Zhou Yi went to two of the temporary new home, found in front of the pursuit of material life, Chen was flat, had not once had a dream, ride along with Chen are flat trouble. The only constant is Chen were flat on-again ex-girlfriend, has not put down too.
In just two days, the face of new homes in the familiar issue of a thing, Zhou Yi and everywhere evoke memories of the past, ex-boyfriend, 30 hours, review six years of love tour ……

刚从外地回港的陈均平(陈伟霆饰)及其现任女友阿诗(诗雅饰),在机场巧遇前女友─周怡(钟欣桐饰)。周怡与旅行作家阿树(周俊伟饰)正准备出发前 往长途旅行,却发生争执闹到分手。为这次旅行而下定决心辞职、退掉公寓的周怡,一时无家可归,幸好有她念念不忘的陈均平和其女友阿诗收留。周怡前往二人的 新居暂住,发现眼前追求物质生活的陈均平,早已不是曾经拥有梦想,一起共渡患难的陈均平。唯一不变的,是陈均平对分分合合的前女友,始终没有放下过。
短短两天内, 面对新居中熟悉的一事一物,处处勾起周怡与过往前男友的回忆,30小时,回顾六年来的爱情游历……


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